Monday, October 26, 2009

Wow it's been a long time

I knew I was slacking on my blog posts, but didn't realize it had been so long since the last one. There has been lots of interesting things that have been going one. Mostly redecorating things in our house. I'm thinking of starting a new blog that focuses mostly on projects and craft ideas. I'm not sure of a name yet. Well, I have some pictures of my sweetie of a nephew, Hudson. These are his 6 month pictures. Thanks for takin' a peek.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Nephew

I have a few cute kiddo stories to tell.
For some reason Noah is usually the main character in these stories. Maybe it's just the age I guess.

A couple of months ago we took a family vacation to a little hotel up north. The hotel had a pool, but Noah, Jayce and I didn't want to swim. We were cozied up on the bed in our hotel room. Noah was laying right next to Jayce, petting his head. He said to me "I wanna keep Jayce, mommy". And I said "Oh we are, we aren't gonna get rid of him". He said "I wanna keep him ever, ever, ever, ever, and ever. Okay?".

Since then he has said it on a few other occasions. I'm not quite sure where he got the notion from...but I have a theory. We had a dog a while back. A dumb (sorry for those that liked her) little chihuahua/yorkie mix that liked to pee in our house. Even after 2 years. So we got rid of her after realizing there was no amount of training that would correct the problem. I guess he's afraid it's going to happen to one of them someday.

Another one happened just a few days ago. Noah had pulled a dining room chair up to our kitchen counter to get a better look at the dead decomposing goldfish floating in the fishbowl. I was busy doing school with the other two at the table. He was yelling out to me to come see something.

As I walked towards him he looked at me and then pointed to the counter top without saying a word. I looked down and there was a good size crusted booger with some kind of liquid droplets surrounding it.(I apologize for the disgusting description but you must get the full effect). I asked him if he picked a booger and set it on the counter. He just shook his head no and replied with "I just did a....did a....ummm...I just did a bless you". I couldn't contain my laughter!

These are pictures of my sis-in-law's son and new wee little one. So precious! Only 5days old when photographed.
Thanks for peekin'.
Peace out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Confessions of a Lousy Teacher

Am I failing my children? I would have to respond with a resounding, YES! In the educational realm, anyways. When I started with the idea of homeschooling, I didn't really know what I was getting into. I envisioned something much different than it has been. I love having my boys home with me, but am I doing what is best for them? I'm not 100% positive.

Lately, we have had a busy household. And school has been an after thought, rather than the main focus. I look at blogs of other homeschool mothers and see their schedules mapped out from early morning to late afternoon. And I wonder 'How do they do it?'. And even more 'How do they stick with it?'. Don't get me wrong. My kids are learning adequately enough. But most of the time their attitude is 'Let's hurry and get this over with'. In fact, they resent my interruption into THEIR day. How dare I take time away from their pursuits, which certainly aren't educational.

The most pressing issue on my mind, though, is the lack of spiritual guidance. I haven't made Bible a part of our homeschool curriculum yet. Even though this is the most important thing. I need to remind myself that I am shaping their minds and helping them become the person they will be. Am I arming them with the virtues that will be most important in life? When they look at us do they see what we value most and what we put first in our own life? Serious stuff, I know. I've just been pondering these things for some time now. The next step is to do something about it. Right? Right.
Here are some random photos of others and my own.