Friday, November 14, 2008

Back to normal....almost.

As normal as we get anyways. Our newborn isn't quite so new anymore, and we've almost gotten back into the routine of things. School is almost caught up. Of course, now we've had a string of illnesses running through our house. Not fun. Even poor, little Jayce caught a bug. It just doesn't seem right that a one month old can get a terrible cold. They don't even really know how to breathe out of their mouth when they are stuffed up! Now Noah is suffering from the fever/cold epidemic that lasts a week long.(we are on day 2)

But I'm feeling quite well. I've decided to start getting back into shape. I didn't even realize how OUT of shape I was. It came as a shocker when I saw a picture of myself on someone's camera. I was thinking "Is that really me?". Granted, I did recently have a baby. But I've kept a little weight on after each of my kids....and that adds up. It's amazing how blinded we are to how we actually look. It's like you hang on to this ideal picture of yourself and make excuses for the ever-shrinking jeans and t-shirts. Well, I'm finally doing something about it. Plus I'm tired of being tired and feeling yucky. They say it takes two weeks to make a habit. I'm 4 days into that 2 weeks with no intent on stopping now.

I recently came across a pretty cool thing. Have you heard of a Reader? Well, I read about it in a blog and decided to try it out. I have a Google Reader and am loving it. If you are someone who follows a couple of different blogs and likes to save time...this is for you. You load the blogs into the Reader and they come to you. All you have to do is go to your Reader homepage and it will tell you who has posted new blogs. You can check them all out right there, without having to visit 7 different sites. It's a great thing.

Just catching up on some pictures. The wedding is one I did this summer and never posted. The one of my boys is a picture depicting just how well our little photo shoot went that day. The other is one of Jayce...finally!