Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WOW.....I'm so bad.

It has been over a month. I can't believe it! I have been quite busy. I'm finished with a few clients that I haven't posted pics of yet. I'll get to that as soon as I'm on my home computer. My to do list is rather extensive. I have many pictures that have to be proofed yet. I'll will post them as I get them done,promise.

On a side note, we have started homeschooling and have been very successful so far. Ethan is already reading quite a few words and Cole is beginning to understand the concept. We pray before we start school. A recent prayer request made by Cole was concerning our dog, Macy. She has to be in her kennel at night again since catching her peeing on the carpet in our front room during the night. She had been sleeping with the boys, which they loved. So we prayed in the morning for Macy to stop peeing on the carpet so she could sleep with them again. Well, that night we were getting ready for bed, and I grabbed Macy to put her in her cage. Cole said "Mommy what are you doing?' And I said "Putting Macy in her cage". And he replied with "But we prayed that she wouldn't pee on the carpet anymore." He had faith that God would answer his prayer the very first night. It was awesome to witness. But I explained that Macy probably wouldn't be ready yet, that we would try in a couple of nights. I love seeing faith through the eyes of a child.