Monday, December 15, 2008

Little snippets

My children have been particularly funny the past couple of weeks and I just wanted to blog them as a way to remember them.

Ethan had some very exciting things happening one day (I can't be specific without ruining a surprise) and he said "I'm gonna be so mad if I wake up and find out this is just a dream".

All the boys were enjoying the holiday movies that were playing on the different stations. They had played Polar Express quite a few times already. In one week they played it two days in a row on different stations. I was sitting with Cole when Polar Express started on the station we were watching. Cole said, "Mom, that's three days in a row! One more and it will be bingo!"

Noah is famous for finding a pair of scissors and piece of paper and making quite a mess. He just keeps cutting and cutting until there is a blizzard of little white papers everywhere. When I see him, I always inform him that HE will be picking up the entire mess. He says, "I know". Well, for one reason or another, he escaped the scene before I noticed. I found him in another room and reminded him that he forgot to do something and he better do it now. He responded with, "I can't Mom, I'm too full". I said, "I'm not asking you to eat them, just pick them up". He reiterated his first statement. But quickly went to work after some healthy persuasion.

I was looking at some old photos and Noah was sitting on my lap. I pointed to a newborn photo of Noah that was soon after he was born and he was very pink looking. I asked him who was in the photo. He responded with "Jayce". And I said "No, that is you when you were a baby". He said "Noooo, that is not me. Look at me, this is me". He held out his hands showing me how my statement was obviously false. "And look....I'm white, not red!", he exclaimed.

Kids are funny.