Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday bruises and more Photos

Did you guys have a great Thanksgiving? Mine was awesome. Went to Iowa and stayed with all my husband's family at the Girl Scout Lodge. We got to see all his extended family. It was great.

Did anyone brave the crowds and go shopping on Black Friday. We did. More for the fun of it than for any great deals. People were crazy. Especially at Wal-Mart. But I partook and got some great deals and some of my Christmas shopping done. I don't really have any bruises, but I could have. Everyone was elbow to elbow and there was a lot of shoving going on. It's not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

I finished my huge weekend of photo sessions before leaving for Iowa. I just never got online to post them. I took a vacation from the internet and it was glorious and wonderful....but I missed it. So here they are:

Thanks for looking! Toot-a-loo.