Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Done with a Senior

Well, I planned on being done with all my work before traveling to Iowa for Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen. I have been hard at work, especially today. And I have finally finished one Senior of the two I have left. She is a good friend of mine and it was awesome to work with her. She has quite the creative side and we had a lot of fun experimenting. It was hard narrowing down which ones to edit and include.
Iowa was a fun and relaxing trip. We stay at a Girl Scout lodge out in the woods (the ideal scary movie setting). My husbands parents and siblings all stay too. We get to see a lot of family that we usually only see 1-2 times a year. We stay up too late, play games, watch movies, and eat a lot of food. We actually have to come back from vacation and recuperate from all the late nights and activities.
This year we decided to try our hand at the day after Thanksgiving day sales. WHAT A MISTAKE! Well, not really, but I don't plan on doing it again anytime soon (unless there is a really really good deal ;))
We didn't even go to bed because we had to drive an hour to get to a big city that had the stores we wanted to shop at. We went extra early because my brother-in-law wanted to try for a laptop at Best Buy. YEAH RIGHT! We got there about 3 hours before they opened (5am), and the line went around the side of the building and into the parking lot. We asked the people in front what time they got in line- 10am on Thanksgiving Day!!!!!! Sorry, but not worth it to miss out on Thanksgiving all together!
We had a ton of fun, though. We made up a lovely song on our way to the stores and we all got some really good deals. The slap-happy levels were very high. Everything was funny! Quite an experience!
Hopefully will be posting more often, I'll try anyways!

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