Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I love this weather!

It's about 60 degrees and rainy. Perfect weather for doing what I love most- sitting and working on the computer or reading a good book. No reason to feel guilty because I'm sitting indoors. Looks like maybe the cold is here to stay- which I couldn't be happier about. I'm ready for fall weather. I can't imagine living in a place where they didn't have a change of seasons. The in between stages are my favorite- fall and spring.

In school today, we made fish out of coffee filters. It was a fun project and the boys really enjoyed it. (Noah did too) They colored them with markers, then I sprayed them with water so that the colors kind of mixed together, almost like a watercolor painting. Then we cut them out in the shape of a fish and added the finishing touch- GLITTER!

Noah is loving the routine of school and he likes to participate in the first part of what we do for school. We go over the calendar and what day it is, and we sing a days-of-the-week song. Noah likes to try to sing along. We also say the Pledge of Allegiance, which the boys have to stand on top of our little fold-out table to say. Noah has to join in, of course, and stand up with them. When we are done, he always asks "One more?" while holding up his little index finger. He would repeat it all day if I allowed it.

These are pictures of a senior that I did a little while ago. The session was very easy going and comfortable. She is from the east side of the state, so sunset pictures at the beach was a must. She is my sister-in-law's sister-in-law :)

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