Friday, August 17, 2007

oops.....It's been over a week

For those of you following along(the 2 of you), sorry for the delay. I've been a little busy, once again. But I did finish the 2nd wedding and already delivered the proofbook to the new bride. In the meantime I took on more work- 1 Senior, 1 Golf course, and more in the works. It makes me even more busy than I was, but hey, the money is nice so no complaints here.

On a side note, my middle child Cole has told us quite the story. I guess for a young child, its hard to tell the difference between what is real and what isn't. Dreams are probably even more confusing when they feel so real. He swears that one night on the long walk back to our house from Gram and Gramps (ha ha) a raccoon bit him on his hand. For one, either Scott or I would have been with him and would have remembered this event. And another, we probably would have gone to the hospital to make sure he didn't contract some disease from the rapid beast. We told these reasons to Cole to let him know that this did not occur. But he is very insistent on the fact that it did happen. Nothing can tell him otherwise. I wonder how long this memory will stay with him, and if it will always be remembered as a true event.

These are some of the pictures from that 2nd wedding.
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