Monday, July 23, 2007

workin' machine

I am on a roll. I've got one wedding done and now a friends sons one year-old pics are done. (he turned one in April if you wanted to know just how behind i really am). But I have no big distractions (besides my three children, which are big enough), so I should be getting caught up very soon.

Uneventful day, really. I had a softball game. We won and I hit great. I actually got a triple. We usually play on Thurdays, but for some reason it was Monday this week. Still haven't taken a shower though (disgusting, I know), but am headed that way right after this post.

The boys had a bath, which is always a big event. At least a busy, tiring event for us. Scott handled it tonight so I could get some work done. Nightime seems to be when I am most motivated. Ethan requested Scott to be in the bathroom the whole time....just in case he threw up in the bath tub.....Brother.....When will it end?

So...hope you enjoyed the pics of this little cutie. Later.

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